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Praise from My pets

Pleased Mistress, Happy pets

I have seen Mistress Rowan several times in the last year. Twice with another Domina and once with another sub, and as well as seeing Her alone. Each time I'm made to feel welcome and at ease with Her attention focused on me and what I would like to see happen in the session.

Mistress Rowan has a wide and varied skill set- ready to accommodate the novice just testing the waters or a more seasoned player willing to go further. Throughout the session Mistress sets the pace gauging my reactions as well as helping me find where a new limit may be.

Mistress Rowan is enchanting, captivating, and positively magical as She leads the scene.
It's very easy to see She loves what she does as it carries over on every aspect of the scene. For days after being in Her presence is easy to feel the time together and relive it over and over again.

Beautiful and mesmerizing.
Definitely not to be missed!
I know I'll be back!

~sub r

Ms. Rowan,

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you! First off I would like to say, Goddess Rowan’s beauty is even more divine to see in person! Her pictures are incredible, but seeing her face to face was infinitely more amazing. We had a 3 hour session and every minute of it she was captivating in her energy and excitement as she played and toyed with me. What I enjoy the most out of a session is the energy and vibes that the a dominant woman gives off, and Goddess Rowan had both of those like I’ve never experienced before! I was captivated by her beauty and energy every second of our session.

Throughout our session she kept consistent eye contact with me, when I wasn’t blind folded, and I loved the look and gleam in her eyes every time she did something to me. I could tell she loved what she was doing by her smile and the joy in her expressions. Her gaze was insatiable and it made me fall deep into my submissive mind during our experience.

Goddess Rowan exceeded everything I wanted for our session. She looked incredible, helped me push pass my limits, and made me experience a feeling of submission that I have never felt before. I couldn’t have asked for a better session or a more incredible Domina to have served, and will continue to serve in the future!

~pet k

I came to see Ms. Rowan for what I would consider as a fairly standard session, involving impact play, boot worship, spitting, bondage, and golden showers. Wanting to simply get my submissive fix and move on, nothing had prepared me for what was to unfold that evening.   

First, Ms. Rowan is a stunningly beautiful celestial goddess. I was straightaway absorbed by her long blond silky hair which cascaded luxuriously over her exquisitely tattooed shoulders and by her startling eyes of hazel and honey. I loved how she insisted on making eye contact, though at times, her beautiful eyes shone like sunlight to leave me blinded by her intense beauty.

She was strict and inviting, and in a matter of minutes I found myself consumed by her oozing sexuality and cultivating demeanor, lost in deep submissive lust, yearning for her touch, and captivated by her playful smile and laughter. Her gift of sensuality and attentiveness led her to uncover my innermost visceral instincts only to insatiably feed of the sexual hunger she so skillfully bred in me.     

Ms. Rowan has solved the intricate perplexity of delivering a thoughtfully paced and soul-soothing experience while at the same time engineering an insanely intense session – hands down the most holistic D/s experience I ever had (and I had many sessions over the years with brand name pro dommes).

But most importantly, as I began to relive the unparalleled sensation of feeling as if I truly was her most prized possession, I left the session feeling treasured and inspired.

If you are serious about perusing a D/s session, run (or better quickly crawl) to serve Ms. Rowan, a gorgeous down-to-earth Dominatrix with the keys to heaven.

~pet g